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Legacy ~ Former nonprofit international group of trustees promoting, overlooking and maintaining square dancing. It was instrumental in establishing English as the universal square dance language.

CallerLab (International Assn. of Square Dance Callers) - In the years immediately following World War II one leader emerged - Dr. Lloyd Shaw of Colorado Springs. Dr. Shaw attracted hundreds of callers to his summer seminars and set the future direction of square dancing. In 1971, seeing a need for unified caller-leadership, Bob Osgood brought together eleven members of the Square Dance Hall of Fame to form CALLERLAB. Their initial goals included:

  • Put the Dance back into square dancing

  • Establish standardization for calls.

  • Provide adequate training for callers.


The original group grew to the 23 callers who became the first Board of Governors and convened the first CALLERLAB Convention in 1974. One of the strongest challenges facing this new organization was to stem the flood of new calls that had brought frustration to dancers and callers alike. The result was the Mainstream list of calls, established in 1975 and accepted throughout the world. The following narrative history of the development of CALLERLAB was written by Lee Helsel, Arnie Kronenberger, Bob Osgood and Bob Van Antwerp.

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